PL2303 Serial USB on OSX Lion

24 Jul 2011

Heres a way to get you PL2303-based Serial-USB adapter working with OS X Lion (10.7) or OS X Mountain Lion (10.8). Based on the osx-pl2303 project on github, Ive built a kernel extension that works with OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion. You can grab the kext file here or from the link below.

Installing the kext file can be done in a few easy steps:

$ download and extract
$ cd /path/to/osx-pl2303.kext
$ sudo cp -R osx-pl2303.kext /System/Library/Extensions/
$ next you need to fix permissions and execute bits:
$ cd /System/Library/Extensions
$ sudo chmod -R 755 osx-pl2303.kext
$ sudo chown -R root:wheel osx-pl2303.kext
$ cd /System/Library/Extensions
$ sudo kextload ./osx-pl2303.kext
$ sudo kextcache -system-cache

Good luck!


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