Beranger doesn't do SUSE anymore

30 May 2006

Too bad Beranger switched sides from SUSE to Debian ... got to say he's right on these two posts though. The quality of the SUSE Linux product is definitly downhill'ing since the 9.3 release.

Package management is really buggy and the way some desktopservices are forced upon users can be done better as well imho. Things like the ZENworks Desktop Agent, Beagle intergration in Nautilus and the stability of some applications that are presented in the system as the main application for certain tasks (like banshee) don't improve my user experience in a positive way.

Anyway, just my frustrations at the moment ;)
Haven't tried SLED10 yet. I just hope that it'll be a stable, representative, OS with a quality level like NLD9 had. But for now, I do have my doubts on certain aspects ...

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