Novell Client 1.2 for SUSE Linux 10.1 / SLED 10

31 Jul 2006

After a 3 month beta period, the final build has reached the download site.

Key features:
* Support for traditional Novell protocols (NDAP, NCP and RSA) and open protocols (LDAP, CIFS and NFS)
* Automatic background reconnect to the Novell NetWare server or Novell Open Enterprise Server
* Greater than 4 GB file support
* DFS junction support
* Unicode file naming in mixed language environments
* Secure Authentication in conjunction with universal password
* Background automatic reconnect
* Novell login script support
* Processing of container, profile and user login scripts
* Conversion of existing Windows login scripts to run on Linux as native shell scripts
* Login script support and results display
* Novell eDirectory multi-tree support and authentication
* Service address and name resolution caching
* Network browsing and resolution through DNS, DHCP, SLP, and NDAP
* IP address costing
* Automatic workstation local user account provisioning (requires LDAP)
* Advanced password policy support (requires LDAP)
* NCP packet signing and support
* Drive mapping on a Linux desktop

Still no support for the main GNOME login dialog?

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