Course 3068: Migrating from RedHat to Suse SLES10

19 Dec 2006

I don't think bringing out free courses titled "Course 3068: Migrating from RedHat to Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10" can count on great acceptance by the community. It sounds biting towards RedHat. The course title it kinda misleading ... it's not a "Howto migrate from RHEL to SLES" guide, but it points out differences in administration (e.g., to configure your LAN settings you use YaST in SUSE and network-config-tools* in RedHat).

Course 3068 is a free course offered by Novell consisting of two eBooks (PDF) and a Course DVD (~1GiB ISO) containing coursefiles.

The course briefly covers quite the same stuff as the SLES10 Fundamentals (Course 3071) and SLES10 Administration (Course 3072), making comparisons to RHEL administration.


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