26 Feb 2007

An OSS NAS/SAN solution.


Openfiler is a Storage Management Operating System. It is powered by the Linux 2.6 kernel and Open Source applications such as Apache, Samba, LVM2, ext3, Linux NFS and iSCSI Enterprise Target. Openfiler combines these ubiquitous technologies into a small, easy to manage solution fronted by a powerful web-based management interface. Openfiler allows you to build a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and/or Storage Area Network (SAN) appliance, using industry-standard hardware, in less than 10 minutes of installation time.


Because life as a systems administrator is difficult enough as it is. Openfiler allows you to ease some of the pain by bringing together almost all storage networking protocols (CIFS, NFS, HTTP/DAV, FTP, iSCSI) into a single framework. So if your current pressure points arise from grappling with the task of providing secure and resilient storage to users, groups and computing resources in a multi-platform heterogeneous environment, Openfiler is the tool for you.


If you are a systems administrator looking for a way to take control of your storage resources without having to pull off the modern equivalent of The Great Train Robbery in order to afford it, Openfiler is the answer to your prayers. Openfiler is a serious tool meant for professional systems administrators with a keen desire for the ability manage network storage in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Openfiler is meant for systems administrators and other technically minded individuals. Please visit the Download section of the website to obtain Openfiler. Please note that Openfiler is a powerful but complex piece of software which requires knowledge and understanding of a number of operating system, networking and storage concepts.

thanks to BJ.

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