PXE on Windows DHCP Server

09 Mar 2007

Some info on how to configure PXE on a Windows 2003 DHCP service: Four additional entries must be made on your MS DHCP server. Highlight the Scope Options for the subnet in which you like to use PXES. Now choose configure options from the Action menu. Find 066 Boot Server Host Name and enter a String Value of the name of your MS DHCP server. It's recommended that you use your DHCP server as the TFTP server. But to inform PXE clients that the DHCP server also serves TFTP requests you need to enter the following Binary Value for 043 Vendor Specific Info: 01 04 00 00 00 00 ff. Now find 067 Bootfile Name and enter a String Value of bootfile-name. Additionally, you must add Option 060 ClassID. Because Option 060 is not standard on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003, you may need to add it from the command line. To do so, start Command Prompt and enter the following commands: To verify that the Option 060 was added successfully enter the command: Exit issuing command exit and restart your DHCP server. In the right pane you should see Scope Options as in the image above. thanks to the pxes project

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