Mapping 'Insert' on an Apple keyboard

14 Dec 2007

The first thing I noticed on my new Apple keyboard was the Insert-key being replaced by a FN-key. Quite hard to get used to when shift+instert is hard coded into you mind ;) Unfortunately, running 'xev' shows that the FN-key doesn't send any hard-link keycode what so ever (like keycode 110 for Insert). Quick and dirty, I worked around by mapping the F13-key (above the FN-key) to Insert. This can be done by creating a ~/.xmodmap file with the line "keycode 182 = Insert" and starting "xmodmap ~/.xmodmap" from GNOME Sessions, like this: This works for me. If anyone has a better solution, like embedding in x.org or making it work at system startup instead of enabling this on the start of a GNOME session, let me know. It's a nice keyboard. You should get one ;)

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