openSUSE April Fools

01 Apr 2008

April Fools struck the openSUSE community :)
From the announcement list:

The openSUSE team proudly announces the availability of openSUSE 4.1.

We're shipping all the latest open source packages that are available at time of launch. As highlights, we'd like to point out the latest desktops, GNOME 4.1 and KDE 4.1 plus KDE 4.2 preview, our MP41 support via gstreamer plug-in by Fluendo, a faster boot process, heavily optimised and improved package management, 1-click install option for additional software, OpenOffice 4.1, XEN 4.1 and VirtualBox 4.1 and, last but not least, our 4 in 1 CD installation which provides a small but fully loaded desktop. For all the news and impressive screenshots, have a look at http://news.opensuse.org/?p=412008

It's available now to download at http://software.openSUSE.org in Amstrad, Commodore, Kaypro and TRS-80 versions - from our mirrors and via bittorrent.
The following ISOs can be downloaded: the 1 CD open source version with an add-on CD containing proprietary software, such as iTunes, World of Warcraft, and Microsoft Office for Linux. DVD ISOs for all architectures are available and contain the open source version plus proprietary add-ons. An installable Live CD will be released in October, and the Edu add-on CD http://en.opensuse.org/Education will show up in the same time frame.

As usual, openSUSE 4.1 will be available in European retail channels as a boxed product Of course, there it will be known as openSUSE 1.4. All software versions contained will follow. In North America, the box will be available through shopNovell http://shop.novell.com. Due to production lead times, boxes will start to show up on shelves when we feel like it.


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