Novell Client for openSUSE - status

14 May 2008

There's progress on the Novell Client for openSUSE 11.0! Let's hope a public beta will follow soon.


--- Comment #36 from Jakob Perry 2008-05-14 14:53:43 MST ---
I'm currently in testing with the novell client for OpenSuSE 11. For
the most
part it is working properly, except for the intermittent
appearance of ncl_tray
showing up in its own window in the upper
left of the screen.

There also needs to be a refresh of using pam_script and autologin
for the
novell client. novfs is working better now with beta 2
(After the drive space
bug was fixed), however its showing incorrect
free space for drive pools. (IE:
you have three NSS volumes within
one pool that is 600GB, novfs will show
1800GB as total storage)

Also, the rpms are built upon an old version of libbfd, which
requires manual
symbolic links to allow ncl to work.
This should be updated for 11 as well.


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