IPv6 and Postfix

23 Aug 2010

Postfix supports IPv6 from version 2.2 and up. By default only IPv4 support in enabled. Enabling IPv6 is as easy as adding one parameter to Postfix's main.cf:
    # You must stop/start Postfix after changing this parameter.
    inet_protocols = ipv4       (DEFAULT: enable IPv4 only)
    inet_protocols = all        (enable IPv4, and IPv6 if supported)
    inet_protocols = ipv4, ipv6 (enable both IPv4 and IPv6)
    inet_protocols = ipv6       (enable IPv6 only)
Be sure to also update match lists as mynetworks and debug_peer_list with relevant IPv6 addressing. http://www.postfix.org/IPV6_README.html

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