MobileMe calendar in Evolution

30 Dec 2010

Now that the newMobileMe Calendar is based on the iCalendar and CalDAVstandards it becomes a lot easier to access your MobileMe Calendartrough third-party (non-Apple) calendaring tools. For now, we'llshow how to setup the calendar in Evolution, a common e-mail and calendar client on Linux and Unix desktops. Using the same steps you should be able to setup your MobileMe calendar in any CalDAV compliant tool with SSL support. Gather the information you need. There are two bits of information that are unique per user. One is the MobileMe username (eg. "martijn@me.com") and the second one is the server-path on which your calendars are published (eg. "/principals/users/1.234536789/"). The easy part would be the username, which you should know already. The server-path can be resolved by the iCal.app on a OS X. By accessing the Preferences pane in iCal, the server-path value can be found on the accounts tab, under the section "Server settings". The rest of the information we need, this like a CalDAV server and port-settings, is generic for all MobileMe users. Setup a CalDAV calendar So let's setup a CalDAV calendar in Evolution. This can be done by clicking the Calendar view in Evolution, right-click one of the default calendars and selecting New > CalDAV. The dialog that pops up looks like the one below. Setup the URL field so that it contains the protocol-handler caldav, the servername cal.me.com and your unique server-path. Make sure to have a trailing '/' at the end. The URL should look something like "caldav://cal.me.com/principals/users/1.23456789/". The SSL checkbox should the checked and the username to be used is the complete MobileMe loginname - including "@me.com" Optionally, you can choose to use the "Mark default" and "Use offline" options even as adjusting the refresh interval. Next, click "Browse server for a calendar", which will show all the available calendars in a new window. Select the calendar you want to use and click "Ok". You can repeat this procedure for setting up additional calendars. The initial loading of the calendars can take up to a couple of minutes. Be patient. Clearly, using your MobileMe calendar with third-party tools is not supported by Apple in any way. Be sure to create backups of your MobileMe calendar regularly ( - which also can be done automatically with CalDAV/cron etc.) Your mileage may vary ;-).

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