Prepare for RHCE Certification

10 Apr 2012

Red Hat's RHCE certification is one of the most popular certifications in the IT market at the moment. There are different method in preparing for both the RHCSA en RHCE exams. Which works best depends on the individual.I decided to go for self-study, using several study resources. In this post, I'll describe the resources I've used in preparation for the Red Hat ex200 and ex300 exams. And yes, I've passed both exams with a very decent score, which makes this a proven method of preparation ;-).

For starters, the objectives for bothRHCSAand theRHCEexams can be found on the Red Hat website. Make sure you know them. Red Hat also offers a free skills assessment, which is good to use as a baseline measurement.

Make sure you have a good lab environment. A laptop with sufficient memory and diskspace to house a minimum of three (RHEL 6, CentOS 6 or Scientific Linux 6) virtual machines. To study for the Virtualization/KVM objective, you'll to run on bare-metal hardware that supports virtualization (eg. vmx on Intel CPU's).

Next up, OpenRHCE is a public collaborative to create RHCE study-materials based on Red Hat published objectives - not on exam experiences or actual exam contents! It's a good resource for exam preparation. Make a check-out of the project on GitHub. You'll find example labs and a broad coverage of the exam objectives.

What helped me probably most is theRHCSA/RHCE book by Michael Jang. Is a great book which covers all RHCSA/RHCE exam objectives in a clear way. The first half of the book covers preparation for the RHCSA exam, the second part the preparation for the RHCE exam. The book comes with good knowledge tests at the beginning and end of each chapter and useful example materials and example labs on a DVD.

Good luck! .. and feel free to drop any questions about preparation for these Red Hat exams.

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